Toxic Love

Joanne Guillard
1 min readFeb 8, 2024

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Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

From the beginning, you knew it wasn’t fate

We were more like enemies than meant to be

Brought into this relationship to please our families

Maybe it was just me that wanted to be free

We were night and day, complete opposites

You wanted your way always

Never considered my views

It’s a shame you couldn’t see the truth, it was all about you

We don’t talk about anything

Lust in your eyes

All you cared about was your gain

I let it ride a little longer

Thought you’d love me forever

Actions speak louder than words

I should have seen it

It was so clear

All that existed was your greed

And at the end

I lost the energy to fight

For something that wasn’t real

Before I reached that breaking point

Goodbye was all I could say

© Joanne Guillard 2024

From Poetry is My Therapy: A Journey to Healing by Joanne Guillard Poetry is My Therapy: A Journey to Healing eBook : Guillard, Joanne: Kindle Store



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